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The Laboratory - Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche-sur-Mer
Unité Mixte de Recherche 7093 – CNRS/UPMC




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Key figures

 LOV members - DECEMBER 2016 (80)


- 32 Research Scientists and University Faculty

- 18 permanent technical and administrative staff

- 10 Post-docs

- 7 externally funded staff

- 13 Ph.D. students

Processes in Pelagic Ecosystems (PEPS) group


Scientific Objectives

  • The over-arching goal of the Processes in Pelagic Ecosystems Group is improve our understanding of how anthropically-induced climate change is affecting the structure and function of marine ecosystems. Our work spans a large range, from the studies of the physiology of individual organisms, to investigations and models of regional and global patterns of biodiversity and budgets of materials and energy. While basic research is our fundamental activity we also contribute to applied research through developing novel instrumentation and innovative culturing techniques for the cultivation of marine organisms which have potential applications in the fields of bio-fuels, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Domains of Expertise

  • Experimentation using chemostats and in situ mesocosms
  • Instrument development, especially automated culturing techniques and image capture
  • Numerical modeling ranging from physiological to ecosystem processes
  • Observation of both coastal (SOMLIT Point B) and off-shore (SOERE-MOOSE) stations.


LOV - 28/10/14